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About Unity Elections

Welcome to CommUnity Elections, where we the people and our local communities get to choose our own ideas, and vote on them.  

There are five ways to vote for your favorite ideas:  

              1. Simple Vote of Support

                      2. Score/ Rating / Pledge Vote

3. Donation Vote

The goal of the CommUnity Elections is help prioritize and create a step by step plan to support the social and community movements of our era.  The elections take place on a regular basis, and each election feeds into the next.  The foundational daily level of the Elections bubble up from Idea Fun, where anyone can input any idea at anytime.  The best ideas that are supported will bubble up into the Community Elections.  The most active elections will be the Annual elections.   Although we would love to just be able to do simple click voting, the need for donations, both monetary and in-kind, as well as volunteer and paid work time is essential to making these ideas and projects actually occur.  So here are the details for the different methods to support ideas and projects within the Unity Elections.  For ideas that get the most support, we may even be able to bring them into government elections, but the first step is to build community support.

1) Simple Vote of Support

You can support any idea with a simple click, or vote of support.  Although it is very important to get people to support ideas, we here at Community Elections do not feel that moral support alone is enough to make our priority ideas a reality.  To take action and make the transformation we all want to see, it is going to also take money and work time.

    Links to Simple Support Voting:

            - URL Click Voting: IF URL Vote

            - General Idea Forum: General Idea Forum

            - Political Idea Forum:Political Idea Forum

  1. 2)Score / Rate / Pledge Voting:

         When you really want to take your simple click vote to the next level, and support a project with a much more involved ranking, then fill out a Score/ Rating / Pledge Forum.  This is just a simple form where you write in the project or idea, and score it between 0-9, and if you’d like, you can pledge either monetary or work time.  You can also make comments.  In this way, we get a much better voting gage for which ideas people like best without having to donate anything.

    Link to Current Ceres Election Round 2

    Link to Simple Score/Rating Form

3) Donation Voting:

    You can make a monetary or in-kind donation to the community program or project of your choice.  Donations can either be made as a Standard Donation or Tax Deductible Donation.  All donations are counted as a single vote no matter what the amount of the donation is.   Funds go to support outreach and organizing of the projects and ideas that you support.

Currently the best way to make an online donation is with Pay Pal.  When you donate using paypal, click on the “Please Indicate the Idea Name or Code” button, where you can add in the name of description of the project that you want to support.  Standard donations go to BJC, and Tax-Deductible Donations go to the Community LIFE Network 501c3 non-profit charity.  All donations will receive a confirmation email that will double check to make sure your donation goes to the right project.


Also you can make a donation by check:

    For Standard Donations:

        Make the check out to “Unity Innovation” or “BJC”

    For Tax Deductible Donations:

         Make the Check out to  “Community LIFE Network” or “GAN”


Write the name or description of the project you want to support in the memo line, or add a note.

Send the check to:

                                Unity Elections

                                PO Box 20175

                                Stanford CA 94305

Unity Elections

Standard Donationhttps://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FG37KS8W9V6AY
Tax-Deductible Donationhttps://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RBSPFG8KE8UNW

Donors will receive project support confirmation emails.