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The Purpose of the Unity Genie, or Unigenie, is to support and coordinate a variety of inter-related programs and projects that may not be directly related to each other within a single organization or even a single movement.  Our goal is total societal transformation, our purpose is to help solve the biggest problems of the 21st century using grass roots activism, direct democracy, diversity, and interdependence.  There is no right way to solve these problems, so we see our network as one array of tools in the larger movements tool box.

A Genie is a non-legal entity that is one step larger than a Multi-Organizational-Entity (MOE).  Specifically it involves non-legal conglomerates or associations that are beyond the scope of a MOE.  It also consists of a more structured wholarchy where there can be a simultaneous bottom up, and top down structures.  It is connected to legal systems that go beyond the scope of a single entity, and can connect more broadly to alternative Markets as they evolve.