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By definition a start up is a scalable system that can reach the masses.  In our case the Unity StartUp represents a business, or a combination of businesses that hold the market value of the entire community.  If one or all of these startup businesses make it, the funds generated will go to support the movement, and also build community equity for everyone who has vested interest in creating a new paradigm where humanities innovation is shared amongst everyone.

Currently our main options for startups include creating a new technology based language, creating a new bottom up system of getting jobs, and a new integrated croudfunding system.  Here is a little more information on each the startup ideas:

Acelajob is a new idea of how to help people get jobs.  It basically help an individual form a team around finding them a job, so that they don’t feel like they are doing it along.  Support Vote Link:

Idea Fun is a new type of croudfunding system that we call Movement Based Integrated Open Croudfunding (MBIOC).  The goal is to create a croudfunding system applicable to movements that can generate funds for projects, and instead of the money going to private investors, all funds generated will go to support the projects themselves and the once that succeed will be collectively owned by the movement and humanity as a whole.  The system itself uses existing croudfunding platforms, but we could create our own croudfunding platform eventually.  Support Vote Link:

Brain Wave Language (BWL) is our name for a direct brain to brain language using existing Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs).  We are currently working on our first prototype, but once we are done, anyone will be able to experience other peoples brainwaves and eventually we will collectively pull out the patterns to be able to replicate them as an actual language.  This will take time, as long as a decade, and therefore is a long term startup idea.  Support Vote Link: