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Unlike many other social groups that are focused on the socio economic and political issues involved in human rights, the Unity Network also includes religious, spiritual and scientific discovery as a foundation of the movement itself.  As opposed to looking at religion, spirituality, and science as three separate components, the goal of Unity Church is to truly achieve the united theory of everything, and this must include an accepted understanding of god as an integrated aspect of humanity.  The Unity church believes that the foundation of religions and spirituality is in fact just as scientific as the theory of the big bang, and that is why we have created an entirely new way of describing a united concept of understanding.  Unitutality combines aspects of spirituality, religion, and science to understand the mysteries of the universe, multi-verse, and maxi-verse energies that we strive to connect to.  This goes in alignment with the Unity Movement very well as ‘unity’ is already associated with a spiritual connotation, and we know that a successful social transformation of our world must include spiritual, religious, and scientific institutions, as well as political and economic ones, so we included them as part of the foundation of Unity.  The primary theory of Unitality is that we all actually exist within a fourth demential consciousness, which projects the three detentions that we collectively experience as a linear temporal reality.  Unituality uses the foundational theories of String and M Theory, Dark Energy Theories, and scientific modeling of consciousness, as well ancient spiritual and religious texts.