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The Unity Association or MOE, is a Multi-Organizational-Entity that is the primary coordination center for running the organization that make up our network.  The unimoe is an umbrella association for the organizations that people actually  get involved with and volunteer for, or work with. Only with people can we support and coordinate a variety of inter-related programs and projects that all support each other for integrated progress.  The goal is total societal transformation, the purpose is to help solve the biggest problems of the 21st century using grass roots activism, direct democracy, diversity, and interdependence.  There is no right way to solve these problems, so we see our network as one array of tools in the larger movements tool box.

All the components of the Unigenie that are single entities, they come together to form a Multi-Organiztional-Entity (MOE).  A MOE can have multiple legal entities that deal with different aspects of society.  For example non-profit organizations can not be involved with political campaigns, so all money that goes into political campaigns must legally be a Political Action Committee (PAC).  The Unity MOE, or Unimoe collaborates very closely with Heeo/ RAMO, which is the MOE that oversees the broader Market.  The Unity Market is really just a sub-set of this broader market.