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Primarily what you will find here is a Link for each Time Zone across the World so you can see the Unity Calendar in your Local Time Zone. The Unity Network is a single global network. All people involved meet at the same time across the world, regardless of weather they are part of local nodes or other local groups. Coordinating meetings globally is very difficult, to say the least, and therefore we have many different calendars to help us coordinate the variety of meetings people can get involved in. Besides our main google calendar which includes all of our upcoming sessions, we also have various other calendars that focus on other specific types of sessions as needed so it is easier to zero in on a specific session or activity you are looking for.

Our Calendars are organized by global organizing time methods, and then we list all time zones bellow.

Unity Network

Single Time Zone Global Organizing Methods:

  1. Bullet  UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) Google Calendar

  1. Bullet  % Moon Time Pad

Half Time Zones Global Organizing Method:

  1. Bullet  UTC-6 (New Half Time) Google Calendar

  1. Bullet  UTC+6 (Old Half Time) Google Calendar

Quadrant Time Zone Global Organizing Method:

  1. Bullet  UTC-6 (Americas Quadrant Time) Google Calendar

  1. Bullet  UTC+0 (EurAfrica Quadrant Time) Google Calendar

  1. Bullet  UTC+6 (Asia Quadrant Time) Google Calendar

  1. Bullet  UTC+12 (Oceana Quadrant Time) Google Calendar

ALL Time Zones:

  1. Bullet  UTC-12 (coming soon)

  1. Bullet  UTC-11 (coming soon)

  1. Bullet  UTC-10 Google Calendar [Hawaii . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-9 (coming soon)

  1. Bullet  UTC-8 (coming soon)

  1. Bullet  UTC-8 [w/ DST] Google Calendar [PST, US West Coast . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-7 (coming soon)

  1. Bullet  UTC-6 Google Calendar [Costa Rica, AHT, AQT . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-6 [w/ DST] Google Calendar [CST, Mexico City . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-5 Google Calendar [Western South America, Peru, Jamaica . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-5 [w/ DST] Google Calendar [EST, US East Coast, New York . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-4 Google Calendar [AST . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-3 Google Calendar [Brazil . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-2 Google Calendar [Atlantic Triad Time . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC-1 (coming soon)

  1. Bullet  UTC+0 Google Calendar [UTC, GMT, EurAfrica Quadrant Time, England . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC+1 Google Calendar [Central Europe . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC+2 Google Calendar [Egypt, . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC+2 [w/ DST] Google Calendar [Turkey, Istanbul, Syria, . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC+3 Google Calendar [Saudi Arabia, Moscow, Kenya, . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC+4 Google Calendar [Dubai, Oman, United Arab Emirates, . . .]

  1. Bullet UTC+5 Google Calendar [Pakistan, . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC+5.5 Google Calendar [India, . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC+6 Google Calendar [Bangladesh, Asia Quadrant Time . . .]

  1. Bullet  UTC+7 Google Calendar [Jakarta, Indonesia, Vietnam, Indo China Time  . . .]

  1. Bullet UTC+8 Google Calendar [China Standard Time, Philippines  . . .]

  1. Bullet UTC+9 (coming soon)

  1. Bullet UTC+10 Google Calendar [Eastern Australia . . .]

  1. Bullet UTC+11 (coming soon)

  1. Bullet UTC+12 Google Calendar [New Zealand, Oceana Quadrant Time . . .]